LIVV was founded on the belief that health and life ​go hand in hand. Uniting the Maldivian community ​as one network of health-conscious individuals is ​our vision. Our strength as Maldivians comes from ​our solidarity and the deep sense of belonging to ​our country. History is witness to this. LIVV affirms ​that by collectively meeting on the same page, the ​health industry of the Maldives will flourish to ​unprecedented heights. This is our dream; to live ​together in health.


Our mission is to unite the Maldives as one beating heart in the ​pursuit of health and wellness.

  • We endeavor to build and establish a platform to bring together ​and connect industry-leading players, experts, NGOs, companies, ​and other service providers as well as the public

  • We focus on integrating innovation and technology to enhance ​experiences, add value, and showcase advances in the industry.

  • We aim to produce opportunities within the health industry to ​increase awareness, build a cohesive network, and identify areas ​for improvement


Our vision is to see the country of Maldives blossom with accessible ​healthcare and wellness for all. To see a day where every member ​of our community is informed and educated about health, ​individually and collectively. A day where we all stand on the same ​page, living together in health.

Core Values

Accessible healthcare for all

We believe that the health industry should be like an ​open book for the Maldivian people. We aim to ​establish and provide you with a healthcare directory ​of all service providers in the Maldives, directly from ​our website.

Science and innovation at your fingertips

We firmly assert that the world of science and ​technology should be accessible to every individual ​within our community; especially as it relates to ​health. We will be bringing stories of innovations and ​advancements, as well as the current state of the ​scientific world, right to your fingertips.

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Unity in Health

It is our deep conviction that we are stronger as one ​country, one community, and one nation. United we ​stand and divided we fall. LIVV aims to provide the ​Maldives with common ground to stand on, together.


LIVV features products and services offered by all healthcare providers in ​the Maldives. We connect service providers with the Maldivian public to ​establish a comprehensive healthcare network. Providers include:


Insurance Companies

NGOs & Organizations



Health Professionals

MEDICAL Tech & Equipment Companies

Alternative Medicine Providers

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Wellness & Recreation



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